Ciao Wireless, Inc. Logo

Ciao Wireless, Inc.

Medium power and low noise GaAs FET amplifiers up to 35 GHz for commercial, military and space applications.

Dynawave Logo


High Performance, ruggedized, Low Loss Bulk Cable, Connectors and Cable Assemblies from DC to 60GHz.

Psemi Corp Logo

Psemi Corp.

ultraCMOS PLLs, prescalers, high isolation switches, digital step attenuators, RF IC’s. Standard commercial and rad hard catalog devices.

Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC Logo

Renaissance Electronics & Communications, LLC

Isolators, circulators, in drop-in, surface mount, coaxial and waveguide to 44GHz. Electromechanical switches and switches Matrices. Power divider/combiners for base station applications.  HXI division offers millimeter components up to 110GHz.

Sumitomo Electric U.S.A., Inc. Logo

Sumitomo Electric Devices

Microwave products- GaAs and GaN power FETs. MMICs, modules, low noise HEMTs . DC-65GHz. Lightwave products-Fiber optic lasers, EMLs, APD/PIN receivers and optical sub assemblies.

Teledyne e2v

Hi-speed data converters  (A/D,D/A), microprocessors, SDRAM, CBRAM memory, and resurrection(EOL) repackaging for military and space applications. Also, offers space qualified. PLLs, switches, prescalers  DSAs, & POL buck regulators  (acquired from Peregrine Semiconductor space products).